DataTalk™ Utilities

A comprehensive system for outage management, dispatching, billing, callbacks, paging, and reporting. Please contact us to discuss how this custom-fit solution can help you

DataTalk™ Data Entry

Implemented for NC, ABC Board sales to LBD constituents, this IVR and web solution makes order processing a simple, secure, and speedy operation.

Tuition Payment Service

Give your student population the convenience of payment by credit card without the overhead of managing the service yourself. We can provide your institution a full-service solution, with real-time or scheduled batched updates to your records system, real-time and nightly reporting.

DataTalk™ Revenue

Provide your customers with credit/debit card payment of virtually any product or service by telephone or web. See our CC Payment Service page for details on one such implementation.

DataTalk™ Student Enrollment

Give your student population an easy way to manage their class schedule. Registering or dropping classes, checking schedules, or even paying tuition (see "Tution Payment Service") is easy!

DataTalk™ Inspect

All types of building inspections, along with electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and mobile home inspections are processed by this application. The caller can schedule, hear results from or cancel inspections from any touch tone telephone. The inspectors may also call in on any touch tone telephone to record the results of an inspection, along with any comments they may wish to provide for the contractor.

DataTalk™ Human Resources Series

Benefits Enrollment offers your employees automated enrollment processing for all aspects of your compensation package. This system will answer the call, process the employee request, and forward the call -- if needed -- to the appropriate area of your center for personal handling by a customer service representative. Twenty to thirty percent of your call volume will typically be handled with no intervention required by your personnel. A number of different reports provide management with the tools they need for an accurate picture of system performance.

Time Recording provides off-site employees with an automated way to enter time reporting via telephone. Employee numbers are gathered and verified, then start/stop times, travel times, travel distances, and charge codes are collected and entered into a database.

Jobs Hotline serves a wide audience by providing information about jobs that are available.

Employment Verification Hotline provides status of an individual's employment to lenders or other interested parties based on a social security number.

Skills and Technologies

  • IBM WebSphere family of products
  • IBM Websphere Voice Server including Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech
  • Envox products including Emvox 6, CT Connect, and CT ADE
  • Voice Data Solutions' DataTalkā„¢ for Windows environments
  • Java, C, C++, SQL, HTML, Voice XML, Visual Basic, and Rexx